I Love Broken Things . . .

It’s true. Broken things have a story to tell, there are character marks and lines. Last night, I bought the most amazing piece of furniture at auction. The closing bid? $30. Newspaper is stuck to the top, there are scratches, little pieces of accent missing and a door, not only off it’s hinges, but split right through, AND I LOVE IT!

screenshot_20180530-203740688949455.pngEven in the shape it is in, this piece is gorgeous! But with a bit of love, a lot of sand paper and some creative woodworking —-it will be a piece to celebrate! I’m even thinking of designing my entire kitchen around my “new wine bar”. (Don’t you see a wine bar?) I see two tones to pull the detail. The problem with a creative mind is you “see” the finished piece, surely, it has to speak to me as I begin to strip & fix, but I know she will be beautiful.

I’ve been broken myself, quite a few times over. Maybe that is why I like old houses, old furniture, old quilts and I could care less that my dog doesn’t have a pedigree. Brokenness is a part of life. You know what I mean, don’t you? Brokenness brings character lines and scratches that when they first happen feel like they will destroy. Brokenness is difficult to go through, but can bring beauty, caring, empathy and yes, even joy eventually. When I’m broken, it is difficult not to look back at other scars. When looking back, hopefully you can see hope as you realize there is a scar, but you lived through it. You can help others in similar situations. You are beautiful, scars and all.

Living in a positive world is not being naive to the brokenness of life, it is looking at that broken thing and realizing that with a little help (sometimes a lot of help), things can be better again.

Enjoying the Adventure,

Dr. Dink


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Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

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7 thoughts on “I Love Broken Things . . .”

  1. I completely understand! 🙂 Whenever I visit the library, I tend to pick the copies of titles that are all worn out, just so I can bring them home and repair them. I love doing that. 😀 You’re on an entirely different level though!

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