Ok, so it’s an antique washing machine. It’s ugly! And you need to have a-plenty-of-muscle to lift this bugger on the pick-up. And . . . like many broken, tarnished, nasty old things, I’m in love with her.  I think I’ll name her Matilda.  Actually, what you see in this photo is the cleaned-up-version. I’ll save you the grossness of seeing what she looked like before!img_20180612_182243429849691238.jpg

I know many antique/ vintage lovers would take me to task when I share this, but I see Matilda painted barn red with a vanilla cream motor. Don’t you? Although she might like Aqua Marine, after all she is a washing machine.  She may become a hamper, however my son thinks that she would love to hold iced beer at a party!

One of the things I’ve noticed about me since I’ve been making a distinct effort to be vocal about positivity, to share positive thoughts, and live each day looking for the positive is that my sense of creativity has been re-awakened.  That can be a scary thing during Yard Sale season, or at an auction because “I see things that aren’t there yet.”

So, in a few weeks I hope to be sharing the “New Matilda” with you, but in the meantime, let me ask a question.  What is it that brings you joy and satisfaction? Creativity is one of my vices in life, but that’s me. What do you enjoy?  Are you enjoying it? Do you take the time to feed the monster? Why?  Why not?  What do you need to do to be inspired to enjoy who you are?

Enjoying the Adventure, (Along with my new friend Matilda)

Dr. Dink



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Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

Loving life & sharing with others!

14 thoughts on “Matilda”

  1. Writing brings me joy…when I apply myself to it! Also, photography is a big love of my life, which sometimes gets more attention than my words do. I love the iced beer party for Matilda! It could be a makeover party for her!

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  2. Creativity brings me joy and also brings out the very best in me. Unfortunately it was dead in me for a long time and welcoming it home warms my soul. I recently made a decision to take my creativity, knowledge, and experience to a higher level and I’m really excited!


  3. I think this old washing machine would look great in a bright color like red or blue. What brings me satisfaction is when I am out in my garden. In that garden I have planted plants in memory of some lost loved ones. In the garden the birds chirp around me early in the morning or late in the evenings when I swim. And it is at my garden table where I create most of my upcycled and DIY’s that I post. It is my little place of peace. I will miss it in August and September when the temps are too hot to enjoy it but that is when I am up north exploring the creeks and woods. Nature brings me satisfaction.


    1. Oh thank you so much for sharing! We have been working in our garden in the past couple of weeks as well, it is wonderful. I love that you plant in memory of your loved ones. Beautiful!
      (The washing machine has been speaking to me today . . . Red, black & sexy! LOL)


  4. I would love this blog if it would let me. Like is just not good enough. Seeing things that aren’t there is a part of faith. That’s where I get with that anyway because as a believer I have to believe and see who and what and where God wants me to be.🤔

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    1. Sorry this upset you Apryle. I know the unseen of faith & appreciate that you look for it in all aspects of your life. There was nothing theological in my statement of seeing things, (finished) like Matilda. What was meant was an ability to look at something so incredibly ugly, worn & rusty and in my minds-eye, be able to look beyond that to something it could be. It is very tangible and can be acted upon with sand paper and paint, or even forgotten.

      Faith, on the other hand is a very real state of being where “seeing isn’t necessary” but in that not seeing, you base your understanding of all that is, yet you may never touch it. Hopefully, it touches you occasionally and it continues to grow.


  5. Red and black are her colors! Creativity is my personal driving force. In my case it can can take over even mundane things like mowing the lawn in new patterns every week :). While that’s not the ‘right way’ in some people’s minds, I personally have decided to let go of other people’s ideas and throw a little creativity into things whenever I can. It simply brings me joy. Am thinking Matilda should have a set of super functional wheels so she can take on different tasks like being the coolest laundry hamper during the week and then be the life of the party on the weekends. 🙂

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