Piano Girl

Oh my!

I’m adding a new blog/pages and hit Press This, expecting a page to come up as a blog—- who knew it would come up on Down to Earth Positive!  Hey, pleas visit my “In Construction” page called Dink’s Digs.

I’d love to make something for you!

Here’s the page on Piano Upcycling!  Piano Girl


Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

Loving life & sharing with others!

2 thoughts on “Piano Girl”

  1. Cool site. I love that teddy, I also make old teddies from coats. I stick with tiny ones though. They are so much fun to make. Your cats are super adorable too. I tried hitting the like button on the main site but it wouldn’t register for me, anyway, just wanted to let you know I love your creativity. You did a great job on all your projects. Thanks for sharing.

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