Is it a 31 year season of denial? I have always considered this era of life a learning process and refused to call it, “the terrible twos”.  I have been re-living this season of life in the past six weeks while helping out my daughter with my grandson. Oh! Let me tell you that a two year old can be terrible! It is like flipping a switch, one minute he will be singing “Twikle, Twe, Twe, Fwee Fwee Tar.” like a freaking angel, and the next you wonder what demon possessed him that he could be so upset, or angry, or . . . learning. It can be an awkward situation trying to figure out the sanity of a two year old, and subsequently yourself when you hang out with this wonderful creature for a while.


Did he say pooooo, or poooool?

Why the obsession with Fire Trucks?

OMG — did he actually say a complete sentence . . . . already? (My grandson is an up-coming rocket scientist, or writer, I’m sure!)

We discovered our Shadows! (So cool, I like them long –it makes you look thinner).

Where’s LOVEY? (For about 30 seconds, I thought the world might come to an end.)

Ewwww, YUCKY —- don’t touch THAT!  (Oh dear God he touched it . . . heavy sigh)

That feeling of queasiness when he begins to fall, no, oops, —-saved that one . . . OH OUCH! (I felt that one!)

Running, jumping, making faces, dancing at D.S.W. (ANYTHING TO ENTERTAIN HIM!)

Dancing in puddles not to shabby either!


When my daughter was pregnant with him, I told her, “Just wait until you rediscover the world through the eyes of a toddler, experiencing everything for the first time, you’ll see the world again in a different way.” I’ve been reminded of that wonderful glimpse of new vision and hope that I can continue to see the world in a new way . . . for a while longer. I hope that for you too.

Enjoying the Adventure!  (Seeing the world fresh and anew),img_20180517_095130441778953139.jpg

Dr. Dink



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