Hope for the American DREAM!

When I was in Arizona, I did a lot of walking. There was one car that I saw frequently, that is, until I decided to take a picture of it. Thus, a photo from their website. This business helped me to understand that if you are creative and can sit back and notice what “might be” a service that people are willing to pay for . . .


Isn’t this the cute-est-ness-ly painted car you’ve ever seen?  Flowers, puppies, it’s just sweet. The first time I saw it, I was like, AWWWWWWW! Then I saw the logo: “We Scoop Puppy Poop!” It got me to thinking, the American Dream is still alive and well! A business like this in Central Pennsylvania? Not so much, but in the suburbs of Phoenix . . .yup. The way I see it, if you can make a living off of other people’s dog shit . . .

Anything is possible!

Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink

PS– You’re welcome for the free advertising!

Here is their Website: Arrowhead Scoopers!


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Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

Loving life & sharing with others!

2 thoughts on “Hope for the American DREAM!”

  1. Are you related to the Urbanski who directs the Indy Symphony? If not, come and hear him and the orchestra.
    During late summer they have outdoor concerts at Conner Prairie farm in he next county north of Indy.
    Regular season concerts occur at the Circle Theater on the Circle at the center of downtown Indy.

    AS for my response to your “poetry,” in the U.S. right now we have a TERRIBLE juxtaposition
    of life and DEATH coming out of the White House and some other places in D.C.


    1. No relation. I’m not a poet, never had much appreciation for poetry, although I’ve read some great stuff here on WP. My reason for writing this blog of positivity is my protest against all the negativity in our world today. Therefore, I steer far away from the political—sorry. Thanks for reading my blog.


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