Dinner . . . someday!


When I want something done, I get it done, make it, whatever is necessary. I must confess, I guess you could describe me as impulsive, maybe even impatient with some things.Yet, there are times when I can be incredibly patient, even slow. Gardening is something that slows me down and can be so rewarding. It takes time for harvest, eh? The reward is worth waiting for. Our squash garden is at the point of “oh no honey, we can’t get in!” Even though we built a pallet fence to give the plants opportunity to climb, some of these renegades are just having too much fun traveling on the vine. I have no idea which one this flower is, it may be butternut, spaghetti, or a zucchini squash.

Did you ever stop and just appreciate the wonder of nature? In a couple of months, this beautiful flower will have transformed into a big ol’ squash, beggin’ me to make some soup. In the meantime, I find the deliciousness of saute’d squash greens, garlic & onion to be ridiculously amazing, so there is some reward for this impatient gardener!

I think one of the best ways to remain positive, at least for me, is to appreciate the various stages of life and life’s gifts.



It may be a garden, a project of some kind . . . .What do you find yourself “enjoying along the way?” What drives you nuts waiting for? What do you find exciting, comforting or enjoyable about “stages”?

Enjoying the Adventure! (patiently waiting for squash for dinner!)

Dr. Dink


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Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

Loving life & sharing with others!

4 thoughts on “Dinner . . . someday!”

  1. I always feel at peace near the ocean. I really like watching the waves because they feel a lot like my life. No matter how hard the roughest one hits, it won’t be the last and they get calmer for a while. I know I’ll get through my own hard waves and seeing the cycle changes my approach to them. I’d like to get through them better, maybe even find something to enjoy in them. But I always know, no matter how many, the calm ones are coming too. The fun ones are coming too. There are more to enjoy than to be afraid of.

    Thanks for your post, Dr. Dink! I enjoyed reading it and it was nice to reflect on my stages of the sea. I might even blog about that. Thanks for the good perspective, feelings, and motivation!

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  2. One of my favorite sayings is “Life is a journey, not a destination “ I am naturally impatient for getting to that next step, no matter what area of my life so it is a good reminder for me to learn to enjoy the process, not focus on the goal. Very nice post and a beautiful garden you have there!

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