Each Drop

Did you ever wonder if the things you do, who you are makes a difference? Just look at this 10 second video & argue with me that you don’t!!!!

There is a light rain in Pennsylvania today, everything is so green & lush. I look out and see these leaves responding to “one little drop”.

One little drop.

One drop.



Just think of the impact you have in the world around you!


Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink


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Daily Prompt Famous





Did you ever have so much to do that you have no idea where to start? If you begin one thing, all you can see is the stuff sitting there waiting for you . . .

It is difficult to be positive when this happens. The situation may last a day, or a season, hopefully not for a lifetime. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when there is so much demanding a piece of you. Do you ever find that is when procrastination becomes king and nothing, absolutely nothing gets done? There are some things you can do to get motivated.

Lists. I know. It seems a waste of time, but write down all the projects and prioritize. It is worth the time to do this, you will get clarity.

Just go ahead and start the easiest project, this way you have a sense of accomplishment. Having one thing done, leads to the next, and before you know it you’re saying, YAY!

For me, the best thing to do is walk away from it all. Literally take a walk. Put the cell phone down, bye bye computer, TV, whatever favorite form of distraction. Isn’t it easy to get distracted by your favorite social media when you have too much to do? Take a walk, do a craft, clean the floors, mow the lawn (or maybe not the lawn –that might be on your pressure list?) or, join a friend for coffee. By concentrating on something else, I find clarity. You also might be surprised by something beautiful, like this flower . . .



There are so many things that can draw us away from the positive lifestyle we really want to have. It is worth doing whatever you can to preserve that. What is it that is on your “this is driving me crazy list?” What are ways that you “deal with moving on?” It would be fun to hear your answers!

Enjoying the Adventure,

Dr. Dink

I Beg to Differ . . .

Hey positivity girl, You’re guilty!  No, I’m not. I’m a realist. Yes, I have my negative moments, even bitchy moments, everyone does! Things happen in life and it is not in anyone’s best interest to pretend to be positive in that moment or season.

Pretending is just fake and cheesy and we don’t fool anyone. Actually,  one of the best things you can do to enhance positivity is to go ahead and be real about whatever the situation is that you’re facing. That way you can move on & get back to being intentional about YOUR positive world.

  • Acknowledge
  • React
  • Move on

Enjoying the Adventure (Especially the move on part!)

Dr. Dink


Is it a 31 year season of denial? I have always considered this era of life a learning process and refused to call it, “the terrible twos”.  I have been re-living this season of life in the past six weeks while helping out my daughter with my grandson. Oh! Let me tell you that a two year old can be terrible! It is like flipping a switch, one minute he will be singing “Twikle, Twe, Twe, Fwee Fwee Tar.” like a freaking angel, and the next you wonder what demon possessed him that he could be so upset, or angry, or . . . learning. It can be an awkward situation trying to figure out the sanity of a two year old, and subsequently yourself when you hang out with this wonderful creature for a while.


Did he say pooooo, or poooool?

Why the obsession with Fire Trucks?

OMG — did he actually say a complete sentence . . . . already? (My grandson is an up-coming rocket scientist, or writer, I’m sure!)

We discovered our Shadows! (So cool, I like them long –it makes you look thinner).

Where’s LOVEY? (For about 30 seconds, I thought the world might come to an end.)

Ewwww, YUCKY —- don’t touch THAT!  (Oh dear God he touched it . . . heavy sigh)

That feeling of queasiness when he begins to fall, no, oops, —-saved that one . . . OH OUCH! (I felt that one!)

Running, jumping, making faces, dancing at D.S.W. (ANYTHING TO ENTERTAIN HIM!)

Dancing in puddles not to shabby either!


When my daughter was pregnant with him, I told her, “Just wait until you rediscover the world through the eyes of a toddler, experiencing everything for the first time, you’ll see the world again in a different way.” I’ve been reminded of that wonderful glimpse of new vision and hope that I can continue to see the world in a new way . . . for a while longer. I hope that for you too.

Enjoying the Adventure!  (Seeing the world fresh and anew),img_20180517_095130441778953139.jpg

Dr. Dink



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Daily Post

Stranger things . . .

The first time I saw one, I laughed. If you are from the Northeast, like me, and you’ve never visited the Southwest, you may be like I was and thought that the desert looks like the Sahara and that’s it. No one driving through Southern California would argue that image, except the sand is whiter.

Last year, when my daughter and I drove Rt. 8 from Phoenix on our way to visit my son in San Diego, I was astounded by the “nothingness”. White sand dunes and more white sand dunes. It was wonderfully beautiful and strange. Rt. 8 runs so close to the Mexican border that if you spit out your gum, it might land in a different country. Unlike the hilly, mountainous desert surrounding the Phoenix area, this exactly what I perceived as  DESERT. So imagine my giggles when someone was heading EAST with a big ol’ boat behind their truck!

I mean, really?!?!?!?!

Not uncommon either!

Just wish I had a photo!

Enjoying The Adventure,

Dr. Dink