Ditch the Muscles!

This story is by request. Keep in mind, I’ll be 58 this month (Presents accepted). We are flipping a house. It is built on a very steep hill and my legs are gaining muscles going up and down, up and down, up and down S.T.E.P.S. Lots of them. To get to the basement level, there are 19 steps up. We are currently working on the roof. Need I say more?

Erosion doesn’t only happen at the beach, or rivers when in flood stage.  Hills also have a mind of their own. There happens to be huge chunk of concrete that slipped crooked along the steps going up from street level. We keep looking at it, knowing that it has to be dug out before we determine how to straighten. Yesterday Hubby was working on a solo section of the roof and I assigned myself to trimming and cleaning up the yard. So, after trimming and dealing with the grass, I got out my trusty shovel and

started to dig a ditch

about 15ft x 2ft x 2 ft

on a 45 degree angle hill

after about 5 days of heavy rain

I’m just grateful my name isn’t Jill, or Jack for that matter because I did not fall down that slippery, wet hill, although I came close a few times. The hill ends up at the edge of a narrow busy street. It would have been UGLY. I mean UGLY.  I had to engage every muscle just to keep myself upright, let alone dig a damn ditch! Oh, that’s poetic: Dig a Damn Ditch! I’d like to hear a poet tackle that one, or say fast 10 times. I digress, sorry.

So excuse me if I bitch and complain about every muscle in my body hurting this morning! It hurt to pick up my coffee cup. Come to think of it, rolling, literally, out of bed was a groaning situation. Oh no! The sun is out today & we will be back at Harry this morning. Don’t you name your houses?  I think I’ll crawl up those steps today groaning & moaning! My poor husband, I’ll have to dig out noise cancelling ear pods, selective hearing won’t prevent hearing these groans.

My muscles are complaining this morning, but in actuality, I’m not. I pushed myself beyond what I would expect of me yesterday. It was actually a lot of fun (?) and the feeling of pride and accomplishment cannot be beat. Sometimes pushing ourselves beyond our self-imposed limitations can stretch our muscles, possibly our emotions, or our mental capacities, but it is always good to try.  My suggestion for today is try something different or new. Do something that stretches those things that you think limit you.

Now, if I could only get off the couch!

Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink


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Attention to Detail (or not)

How do I say it other that, “What a shitty job!” The lines are everywhere, well at least every 4 x 8 foot section. Yes, I’m talking about

drywall on the ceiling. I’ve gotten pretty good at drywall & other home improvements because we have always lived in older homes and in the past few years we’ve been flipping old houses. I’m staying in a suburban home, a quite pricey suburban home, it is truly lovely. Yet attention to detail that would have cost the contracting company a little more cash and time was neglected. Obviously each section of drywall has not been filled and sanded in this room. THEN, to make matters worse, they tried to hide it with a thin textured paint. This means fixing it would cause the issue to be worse because you would never be able to match the texture, unless, of course you put A REALLY THICK TEXTURE, or redid the ENTIRE ceiling!

OK, there’s my rant for the day. What’s the positive in this?

  • Most people might not notice or realize what it “should look like” which is smooth as glass. (I just have a trained eye because I’m an artsy, crafty particular craftsman type of gal).
  • It could be throughout the whole house (It isn’t, trust me I checked!)
  • Things could be much worse. (Really, they could —have you bought that house?)
  • When you write a blog bitching about a poor drywall job and then you think, did that volcano blow in Hawaii last night? Did that fissure grow? Did a new one open up? (Makes you appreciate that the poorly done drywall will still be there tomorrow, probably for years and decades to come).
  • As a crafts-person, it reminds me once again that details matter in my own work.

I guess the take away with this is that lines matter, but measure each line carefully. Truly, in life, lines have to be drawn of various sorts, some are thin, others very thick. My guess is, like me, sometimes we all make a big deal about thin lines that do not necessarily deserve the attention that they get.  So . . . I suppose that a good question for us all today would be, “What attention does this issue really bothering me really deserve?”

Enjoying the Adventure, (I’ll just not look up in this room anymore).

Dr. Dink


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