Celebrating 100 + Party

img_20180428_071527849_hdr622432974.jpgI know this is small change for many seasoned bloggers, but for me it’s a big deal to celebrate 100 followers!!! (I’m totally stealing this idea of a party). What I’d like to do is have a Blogging Party to celebrate YOU! I’m enjoying the WordPress Community more than I ever expected & have come to know many of you through your writings with my new addiction to reading posts! I’m even enjoying Poetry and I wonder, how did that happen?

Please tell me about yourself, your passions & blogging!

Here is how you can celebrate with me:

  1. Post your favorite blog in the comments, feel free to post two! Please introduce yourself & blog (s).
  2. Have fun, get to know some new folk too, Like & Follow.
  3. Yes, you are welcome to share & have some fun!

Have fun! Happy-yayness!

Karen / Dr. Dink

I’ve also expanded to 2 blogs — Brown Bag Letter results from my love for antiquing and the frustration of unidentified people in portraits and photographs. So, I’ve started synchronizing photos of real (forgotten) people with stories of folks who tell me about their grandparents and family folklore. Click here to visit: Brown Bag Letter

My favorite sites for finding you  have been:

Blogging Meetup

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