Beauty Surprise!


Usually, robins, yellow finch & chick-a-dee visit my sisters bird feeder tree. I was minding my own business washing a piece of fruit at the sink and I hear her husband say, “Oh! look at that!” My sister is quite the accomplished photographer and preparing for a show in the fall so she ran off to get her camera. I got out my cell phone. Poor sissy, he flew off just as she came back. She would have got a much better photo. I got a great memory!

Red Shouldered Hawk baby. My, my, my! Beauty is everywhere, sometimes it sneaks up in surprising places!

Enjoying the Adventure (A little more than my sissy on this day!)

Dr. Dink


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Every Morning

In the middle of the night it is so quiet you can hear the silence. I don’t know how to explain that and I know I sound a bit crazy saying it, but if you’ve ever experienced that sort of quiet you know what I mean! I live in central Pennsylvania. Although there are a few nights that you wish you had air conditioning, believe it or not, it is totally unnecessary. Therefore, our windows are open and the sounds of nature, or lack thereof are constant.

img_20180608_064342907_hdr1321787685.jpgAt dawn, right around five in the morning, one, two, ten then thousands of birds decide to wake up singing. There are so many chirping at the same time that you can barely decipher the different voices. It is like a beautiful symphony. This lasts for a bit more than an hour as the sun awakens the day. I lay in bed listening, sometimes dozing. As quickly as it started, they all quiet down . . . and then the tiniest, yet loudest bird of all, the Warbler begins his solo.

Time for a cup of coffee! Have a great day!

Enjoying the Adventure

Dr. Dink


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