My Love

img_20180412_172510463_burst001828445920.jpgThis man is a freak. Honestly, that is my word for “most wonderful man in the world.” He’s a guy’s guy kind of a guy. He can fix anything, he loves soccer with a passion, he will drop any “important project” that he’s working on if one of his kids call, or if I ask for some stupid thing that really can wait.

He fixes inside, outside, upside down (especially working on the truck or yucky plumbing). I’ve watched him persevere in the craziest of situations. My favorite was three days of “snaking the drain line” on a house we were working on. Oh my –it was rude to say the least and three days!!!  Did I say, 3?

With all this down to earth stuff of life, he also writes computer program. I mean really, a full description is quite complicated! I’m thrilled to say that this freak of a man is my husband.

Oh, I almost forgot . . . he talks funny too.  We have a small city near us named Altoona. He constantly calls it “AltooNER”.  He also pronounces, PAAArC, for what we normal people here in the US of A say, “Park”. When we were first dating that accent slayed me! I wanted him to read fairy tales to me . . .

img_20180519_060227930532885991.jpgSo imagine this morning, I’m currently in a different time zone & he calls, “Are you watching the wedding?”  It was 5:30am! So I got up and turned on the television while listening to him telling me about the beauty that was before me. I hear him saying, “I’ve been there.” (And I bet this man’s man kind of a man had a few little tears brewing in his English born eyes).

img_20180412_145612401305200189.jpgRoots are powerful. Here in Arizona, our second home-to-be, I’ve been hearing the doves calling out, “who, who, who” and it is strange how it brings me back to my childhood where I heard their call as a little girl. While here, three time zones and 5 decades later, there have been a few moments when I’ve had my eyes closed and I hear those doves and actually see my childhood home, feel the humidity-filled-Southern-New-Jersey air, and smile.

I’m happy that my love woke me up this morning. I’m so grateful that he got to remember his roots through this awe-inspiring event of love. Best part is, I know that I’m loved by this Brit each & every day.

Today, with all the terrible things going on in the world, it is good to have a break from the chaos and celebrate love. What memories do you cherish? What memories are you building? I’d love to hear your responses to these questions! As the day continues, I’m going to go play with that grandbaby before I fly back to my prince!img_20180412_1053396151562422611.jpg

Oh yes, I’m 

Enjoying the Adventure!


(a.k.a. Dr. Dink)


P.S. As for the Royals, I hope they are as blessed as me!


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Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

Loving life & sharing with others!

9 thoughts on “My Love”

  1. Oh my gosh, this was such a sweet post. What a wonderful husband you have. I got to watch a tiny bit of the wedding this morning and it was so beautiful. I love memories from my childhood with my family and the memories my husband and kids have fixing up that old red house in the middle of nowhere…Pleasant valley.

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  2. What can I say to a testimony like that. You are a good woman, Karen. I wish we had met earlier in life. It would have been exciting to have had kids with you. Pity you had those parts removed! I keep saying you should get them back. Hey, anything is possible in today’s world.
    I’ve been back to England three times now and each time has been good and bad. Good because of England’s history and beauty but bad because I sense the ‘British’ is slowly leaving the country. It has changed so much since I left my home in 1974 to marry an American – that’s another story. So, to see the royal wedding this morning and the places I have visited was so uplifting and filled me with great joy (and tears). Traditions are wonderful. That’s the England I remember the most.
    It is extremely rewarding to find a person to love and to know that love is truly reciprocated. I feel happy, contented, and blessed to have you, Karen. I love you GOBS. Cheerio for now,
    Your husband, Les xxxoooxxxoooxxxoxoxoxxxoooxxx

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