New Focus!

I am somewhat troubled by the “being offended” theme that is constantly celebrated by the news media, on social media, in the public arena and so on.

It is all a part of the negativity of our age. Auggie Squirrel LloydSeems to me that many people are “seeking offense” and that is easy to do if you are looking for it. Human beings are more than happy to comply. And if encouraged, it is like giving a dog a treat for certain behavior, that behavior will continue.

Recently, I posted a video of my dog in a Facebook group. Evidently, she chased a groundhog into a tree. I thought it fascinating, I had no idea a groundhog could climb! Or that my pup would start ripping the bark off the tree! At the risk of sounding like a country girl, I thought it rather funny. (No blood, Groundhog safe, pretending to be a squirrel).

I’ve never had a post get so much attention so quickly, so far, there are over 180 smiley faces, wows & likes. 5 negative emoji responses and about six people telling me off for allowing this to happen. I have been accused of allowing my dog to kill future little kitty cats! And from half-way around the world, “Americans like to kill things.” Oh, and I’m training my dog to be a bully! Where the hell did that come from?

So, why am I posting this on my “Positive Blog?” To make a point. Simply that, to make a point. A few people were obviously offended by this post. That is OK, they have the right to be offended if they would like. However, what do you think I was talking about this morning concerning the responses? I was concentrating on the negative.

  • Ladies, have you ever noticed you could have a thousand, or eight compliments on your outfit, but if one person makes a negative comment you want to go change your clothes?
  • Did you ever get a comment on a paper that received an A- grade and find yourself obsessed with that comment and grade?  It’s an A for goodness sake!
  • Oh here’s one –Try public speaking! You can shake hands with 237 people who are smiling, saying thank you and ONE comment makes you want to crawl under a chair? Or, am I the only one that hears the negative louder?

What concerns me with the current attitude being celebrated in this era is that it will just continue to grow. I think the only way to change that is by concentrating on other words, feelings and responses.

Here are some words that would be nice to celebrate:









Hero (again)





In a negative world, we must strive to keep from falling into a dark hole where we find ourselves unable to get out in response to negativity. I have a challenge this week, pick a positive word each day, consider it getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, getting the kids off to school, during the rush traffic, at work . . . you get the idea! One word, one day, one encounter at a time, maybe, just maybe we can embrace a new era of attitude. You are more than welcome to add words to this list!

Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink

PS: Photo of said dog, dreaming that the squirrel would somehow miss a branch!





Author: Karen "Dink" Urbanski

Loving life & sharing with others!

12 thoughts on “New Focus!”

  1. I stopped posting on Facebook for that very reason. I think it’s the most negative of any social media site. I come across those people in my ‘real life’ and just chalk it up to them being a jerk. It took me a while to get to that point.

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  2. I am offended by your post!!! 😜😀😄😁😆. I 100% agree with you about people looking to be offended. I realized many years ago not everyone will like me and learned to be at peace with that. As long as my family and friends are good with me I’m good. And good job by your groundhog chasing dog! I fought with them constantly when I lived in Ewan.

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  3. I have never been offended by a FB post. Some years ago, I decided that I am the only person that can give the power to offend me to some external influence. I retain that power to myself, and am never offended. Keep up the good work, Dink.


  4. Hey, dogs will be dogs and I love them all. I would choose kindness as another word, but most people have a hard time these days understanding kindness. They always think they will have to pay big time for kindness, but kindness is always free. My husband and I got rid of our cell phone ten years ago and in those years while I watched the world change and become less empathetic because of those tiny little mesmerizing screens, I would try to spread whatever kindness I could. Each generation gets worse when it comes to looking up, giving eye contact, seeing the world around them and greeting others. It is like the machines have taken over and machines don’t understand real emotions so they go for rules and structure instead. In this case those rules are that we don’t offend at all costs. But then who decides what that offence is. Great post, so sorry about the silly attacks about your dog. You are right, it’s time to start putting out more positive in the world.


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