Silence Calls

Early in the morning, before the crickets begin to sing, silence calls me. The sky is dark, no distractions, no cries, no pressure other than the coffee cup by my side. The world is still asleep and not ready for the noise of the day. I can begin to hear my own thoughts, or sit and do nothing without boredom.

Somehow there is a naive peace in this silence. Possibly it is the world calling out for the voices to be stilled. Why is it so strange that the “natural” silent noise of the earth seems so unusual. We are so used to noise in this generation that I wonder if we are able to hear anything at all. Silence scares us, why?

Why did I not wake up earlier? I now begin to hear the low roar of the Hwy 101 bypass, soon the beeps, the vibrations and voices will overtake this unnatural natural peace. A new day is here to work, to play and to love. The silence reminds me to choose what noise I listen to. The silence reminds me the world doesn’t need to be so loud. Even in a crowd I listen for the voice of silence, she is not far away. Eventually she will quiet the anger and stress, that consumes our attentions. It is good to remember that our noise is temporary. The silence of the earth will live on long after our noise is done . . . maybe we can find peace if we would only learn to listen.

Enjoying the Adventure,

Dr. Dink


Live Into

Have you ever been challenged to describe yourself? What would be the word or phrase that “describes” who you are, or what you do? I’ve been thinking through this one, but honestly, it is very difficult to pick one word or phrase. THEN when you do, you realize that word, or collection of words can be interpreted 86 different ways. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a little self-reflection.

Back in my “leadership days”, I used a phrase quite often, “Live Into”. When I was working with a group of people, my job was generally to help them define who they were personally, or as a group. We would do many exercises to help define, for instance, the purpose of a particular group and the direction that group would take. When the essence of that project was named, I would say, “Now, Live into it!”  Meaning, if you have a goal, or hope for the future, you live NOW as if it has already begun to occur.

This is a both fun and frustrating exercise. Helpful, as it brings clarity. Frustrating, as it usually needs interpretation. The end result though is worth the frustration. One of my favorite tools for thinking is called bubbling. You begin with a word or phrase, then simply write words that come to mind. There may be  many layers, (thus secondary levels of bubbles). This is done as a brain-dump, in other words, don’t put too much thought into it, just write down what comes to mind. You can return later to refine.

This example is the result of the word GARDEN to give you an idea of how it works:


As you can see, a lot comes up, for instance, Plant leads to tomato, which lead to types of tomatoes, then I would have to add another category called blight because we deal with it here on our land.


Now imagine that you put your name in the center . . . what descriptive words would be in those first bubbles? What else would be added to those first words. Which ones do you really want to describe you? What ones do you want or need to cross off the list? Yes, it’s fun and frustrating! Now, which ones will you “live into”?

Living into is acting as if it already is, therefore becomes reality. Thus one of the reasons I always close with Enjoying the Adventure!

Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink


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In yesterday’s blog I wrote about the symphony of birds in the morning. Later in the afternoon, I happened across this baby robin on an old board. He was just looking at me, so vulnerable, so cute! I stood there for a bit, just thankful. I felt like nature was rewarding me for celebrating the birds.
baby robin

New beginnings

New Life

New day

Such Simplicity in a complex world! I think it is good to step back, look at and appreciate the value and gifts of nature, especially this time of year.

Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink

Post-it Notes to the rescue!

A friend contacted me about this blog yesterday and said she is finding it encouraging. That makes the time and discipline of writing everyday so worth the effort. Thank you! This got me reflecting . . . the five-year anniversary of losing nearly everything is coming up soon for me and I have realized that I might just have “something to give” because I’ve learned through the horrible things of life to get to the other side. Generally, with a positive attitude, although I have confessed in an earlier blog that I can be negative, I can even be a bitch. However, that’s “generally” temporary.

One of the things that has helped me come back to myself when going through rough patches is Post-it notes. I know, sounds elementary doesn’t it?  I made the first four words of this paragraph in bold because this is only ONE thing but I found it so incredibly helpful.  When I discovered the therapeutic use of Post-its I was incredibly grateful. I had thought they were “just for office use” or “a quick shopping list”. Little did I know until learned the practice from Jen Sincero, the writer of “You are a Badass” whom I give credit for saving my life, or at least my sanity during the life-adjustment five years ago.

One of the many things she suggested in this book was to write down sayings, reminders, words and mantras that you will see everywhere. I put Post-its on my bathroom mirror, my microwave, cell phone, laptop –everywhere I could. My poor husband, yes, he puts up with me!  Here are some of my (very personal) Post-it reminders:

  • When I was a little girl I used to laugh so much that I drove my Mom crazy. She said sometimes she wished I would cry. I will become this person again! I will be filled with laughter & hope to laugh so hard that I pee myself!
  • I will be happy, joyful, full of energy, I will smile at others.
  • Be what you is cause if you ain’t what you is, you is what you ain’t.
  • Your walk walks & your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.
  • I will appreciate the little things.
  • I will be the kind of friend that I need.
  • What is the fun in waking up at 85 realizing “you couldn’t find the time” to have fun
  • You can carry a horse over your head!
  • I will make a very strong effort to talk about people that I ADMIRE (even if they are dead)
  • I will look to work with integrity and choose not to be affected by others hypocrisy.
  • I will embrace the beauty:
    • I will take walks & rides
    • I will look for beauty multiple times during the day & say out loud, “Look at that!”


These, and other sayings were everywhere I was. I would stop and read them. Embrace them. I would have high expectation that I would somehow believe that these simple phrases could change, not the situation, but how I chose to respond to it. Was it easy? Hell No! Were there times that I wanted to throw them all away? Hell YES! Sometimes it’s just natural to wallow in the pain & I’m a natural kind of gal, eh? So, then, I found more sayings, more things that would remind me not only of who I was, but who I wanted to be. Notice most say, “I WILL” because, what I was living at the time was nothing that anyone would want to be!!!!!!

I guess the question is, do you have to go through a miniature HELL for this to work? No. You may simply want to remind yourself to smile, to enjoy life more, to —oh, you fill in the blanks!

If your looking for change in your life, or to embrace positive thoughts and actions in a very negative world, why not try Post-it note therapy? It’s what THIS Doctor ordered!

Enjoying the Adventure! (Even though the adventure has been Hellish at times).

Dr. Dink


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I encourage you to visit other bloggers. You’ll find almost everything imaginable that can be written, in every form, from all over the world!

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Ahhh, the joys of different time zones

Thinking ONLY about yourself: the world is small and limited.

Thinking about others: the world in infinite.

When life situations occur, whether it be a season of sadness, change and life devastation. Or a quick moment of, “Oh no! What will I do now?”. If our response is, me, me, me. It leads to a place of not seeing anything but overwhelming smallness. However, looking to “the other” leads to a path of hope.

While texting a new friend early this morning, she said, “I’m off to bed!” And here I was with my cup of coffee, waking up. In an instant global world, I have to constantly think of time zones. Family in England, Friends and family East & West. Former students in China and India . . . what time is it for someone else?

Aren’t we in a different time zone, even with the person next to us? We enter each day with different perspectives, different backgrounds, moods, health, etc. Generally, it is very natural to respond to that truth. However, if we are too busy looking at “me”, we miss so much opportunity, even in the closest of relationships!

collaboration-community-cooperation-461049Challenge for the day, do “something” for the other. Even if they don’t realize what you’ve done, you have the benefit of knowing the kindness. It makes your world much larger, brighter, and yes, positive place.  It may be a word, an action —small or large, have some fun! I’d love to hear what you decide to do!

Enjoying the Adventure! 

Dr. Dink


This post was inspired by the daily prompt: narcisist


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Daily Prompt


Greater than Source


My Dear Friends,

As a shadow lengthens in the sun,

attitudes infect those around you.

hang out with people

who smile and laugh A LOT!

Enjoying the Adventure, (A wee bit taller today)

Dr. Dink

Daily Prompt


Two Turtles, A Duck & A Big Ass Bass

I experienced such a sense of peace this morning as I took a morning walk. Here in the Sonoran Desert, the earlier the walk the better, before the hot sun does what the sun does. There is a beautiful walkway with a pond and fountains near my daughter’s house. On the way in, I saw turtles sunning on a rock and stopped to see them, but they dove into the water because I scared them when I stopped. On the way back, hoping to see the turtles at the same spot, I approached slower and observed quietly, hidden by a bush. I did see the turtles again—-but they had a buddy sitting with them.


What great delight to see, two turtles and a mallard duck, sharing a small rock just doing what turtles and ducks do. Then, I see movement in the water and here’s the tail of a big ass bass swimming around that same rock. Three different species doing what they do, being fish, turtles & ducks. I wish I could have taken a photo, (this one is similar) but I knew I would mess up the intricate balance that they had negotiated so that they could share this rock in peace.

There are a lot of different birds enjoying this suburban oasis. About mid-way through my walk there were Canadian Geese. Three full grown and three goslings. I also stopped to admire those cute little furry baby birds. But I knew, to keep the peace, I had to keep my distance and could not approach those little ones. Because I respected their space and kept quiet, they didn’t see me as a threat. However, had I walked toward those babies —– well, let’s just say there wouldn’t be any more peace for Karen!






As we prepare to move here to the desert, especially out where our property is, I know that I need to continue to learn. Back east, surely there are ducks, turtles, bass, and, of course, Canadian Geese, but in the wilds of the desert, there are different rules to living with wildlife. Can people, javelinarattlesnakes, javelina and mountain lions get along on the same rock? Absolutely not! But we can get along on the same mountain. If I respect their territory and if I am smart about hiking, gardening, and other things it is possible. These dangerous creatures are basically shy and are as terrified of me! As I do what humans do while respecting what rattlesnakes do—- it is possible to co-exist.

To take this theme a step further . . . I wish humans of the 21st Century understood this. We are living in a time where “our species” is becoming more and more stratified. There is such a sense of distrust of our own kind. Surely, we come from different countries, races, political agendas, religions, (go ahead and add to this list). But as the world gets smaller, the population grows, and travel is easier and less costly than ever, rather than embracing our differences and learning from each other, or simply avoiding what makes us uncomfortable, it seems that there is a greater sense of control issues, criticism, defensiveness and many other negative responses. This isn’t only from country to country, but it has spiraled down to neighbors and even family members. I believe that we humans all want peace, but inner and outer war is at hand in too many ways.

So, I guess the question begs to be asked, “If I can move into an environment where I need to learn how to enjoy my life while at the same time realize that I have to respect a rattlesnake for being a rattlesnake, or, I might find myself dead—–why can’t humans do the same thing?” “Why not learn new strategies for getting along with our Species?” “Why can’t we learn to bask in the sun on the same rock in the same way turtles, ducks and fish do?”

Turtles follow turtle rules

Ducks follow duck rules

Big Ass Bass follow bass rules

Rattlesnakes & javelina follow rules too

Let one of them break the barriers, yes, they will lash out. Rattlesnakes will strike, javelina will use those nasty teeth. Human beings will lash out too, and sometimes that lashing out is appropriate. Appropriate lashing out is not what I’m trying to point out. I’m of the impression that humans, at this stage of the game, are lashing out, not because of impending danger, or loss of territory. The human species is lashing out because of assumptions, unidentified fear and an inability to negotiate space on the rock. Peace sometimes “just happens”, but the truth is that peace is something that we all must work toward. Peace is work but the rewards are worth it!

peace heartWe can learn from two turtles, a duck and a big ass bass—- I think it’s worth looking for ways to bring peace to this world. In our homes, in our communities, yes, social communities too. Turn off the negativity, look for the beauty, seek how to enjoy the peace. (I had to “work” / think about how I could approach this rock without scaring the inhabitants. I simply slowed down and got quiet as can be, it was “work” in the sense that I had to do something different to become a part of this peaceful scene. We can all do the same in our everyday lives as we endeavor to live among other species and humanity.

Enjoying the Adventure!
Dr. Dink



Turtle & duck:

Rattlesnake, Google Imaages


Heart /Peace: