I Beg to Differ . . .

Hey positivity girl, You’re guilty!  No, I’m not. I’m a realist. Yes, I have my negative moments, even bitchy moments, everyone does! Things happen in life and it is not in anyone’s best interest to pretend to be positive in that moment or season.

Pretending is just fake and cheesy and we don’t fool anyone. Actually,  one of the best things you can do to enhance positivity is to go ahead and be real about whatever the situation is that you’re facing. That way you can move on & get back to being intentional about YOUR positive world.

  • Acknowledge
  • React
  • Move on

Enjoying the Adventure (Especially the move on part!)

Dr. Dink


New Eyes

I’ve been away for six weeks. When I left Pennsylvania there was snow on the ground and we arrived in the desert to sunshine and 93 degrees. Yesterday, I was surrounded by blue skies and was floating in a pool. I came from the dry air of the desert with warnings of wild fires, back to the Northeast and buckets of rain, buckets!. Everything feels damp, everything. For the past six weeks I’ve been experiencing the world from the eyes of a two-year-old in his toddler proof home. Today, I’m home, surrounded familiar antiques. The opposites are too many to list.

During these six weeks, I’ve been trained by a little human. He has taught me the wowness of the mundane. The excitement of what has been there and taken advantage of as “the norm”. He has shown me to see with new eyes again.

As I sit here this morning surrounded by my familiar,  I realize that there can be no assumptions —everything is not the same, although nothing much has changed. Because I’ve been retrained by this little guy, I do see things differently and with a renewed sense of appreciation.



I was greeted by Smiley, my African statue and our collection of beautiful antique mirrors begging to give reflection, the best cow oil painting ever and the weather-vane in the window. Memories, comfort, old things . . . seen with new eyes, retrained to see by an inquisitive boy.



Look around you, what do you see? Look again, what is so familiar that you don’t see or appreciate it as it deserves? It may be a trinket, a wedding band, something from your childhood, or the person next to you . . .

Enjoying the Adventure,

Dr. Dink



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Daily Post



So, I think it is absolutely HALARIOUS that the “word of the day” on the morning I fly home is DISAPPEAR!

I’m not superstitious!

I’m not superstitious!!!

I’m not superstitious!!!!!!!

Really, I’m NOT!

Good thing, eh?

Have a great day!

Enjoying the Adventure!

Dr. Dink


Is it a 31 year season of denial? I have always considered this era of life a learning process and refused to call it, “the terrible twos”.  I have been re-living this season of life in the past six weeks while helping out my daughter with my grandson. Oh! Let me tell you that a two year old can be terrible! It is like flipping a switch, one minute he will be singing “Twikle, Twe, Twe, Fwee Fwee Tar.” like a freaking angel, and the next you wonder what demon possessed him that he could be so upset, or angry, or . . . learning. It can be an awkward situation trying to figure out the sanity of a two year old, and subsequently yourself when you hang out with this wonderful creature for a while.


Did he say pooooo, or poooool?

Why the obsession with Fire Trucks?

OMG — did he actually say a complete sentence . . . . already? (My grandson is an up-coming rocket scientist, or writer, I’m sure!)

We discovered our Shadows! (So cool, I like them long –it makes you look thinner).

Where’s LOVEY? (For about 30 seconds, I thought the world might come to an end.)

Ewwww, YUCKY —- don’t touch THAT!  (Oh dear God he touched it . . . heavy sigh)

That feeling of queasiness when he begins to fall, no, oops, —-saved that one . . . OH OUCH! (I felt that one!)

Running, jumping, making faces, dancing at D.S.W. (ANYTHING TO ENTERTAIN HIM!)

Dancing in puddles not to shabby either!


When my daughter was pregnant with him, I told her, “Just wait until you rediscover the world through the eyes of a toddler, experiencing everything for the first time, you’ll see the world again in a different way.” I’ve been reminded of that wonderful glimpse of new vision and hope that I can continue to see the world in a new way . . . for a while longer. I hope that for you too.

Enjoying the Adventure!  (Seeing the world fresh and anew),img_20180517_095130441778953139.jpg

Dr. Dink



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I encourage you to visit other bloggers at the following sites. You’ll find almost everything imaginable that can be written, in every form, from all over the world!

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Daily Post

Celebrating 100 + Party

img_20180428_071527849_hdr622432974.jpgI know this is small change for many seasoned bloggers, but for me it’s a big deal to celebrate 100 followers!!! (I’m totally stealing this idea of a party). What I’d like to do is have a Blogging Party to celebrate YOU! I’m enjoying the WordPress Community more than I ever expected & have come to know many of you through your writings with my new addiction to reading posts! I’m even enjoying Poetry and I wonder, how did that happen?

Please tell me about yourself, your passions & blogging!

Here is how you can celebrate with me:

  1. Post your favorite blog in the comments, feel free to post two! Please introduce yourself & blog (s).
  2. Have fun, get to know some new folk too, Like & Follow.
  3. Yes, you are welcome to share & have some fun!

Have fun! Happy-yayness!

Karen / Dr. Dink

I’ve also expanded to 2 blogs — Brown Bag Letter results from my love for antiquing and the frustration of unidentified people in portraits and photographs. So, I’ve started synchronizing photos of real (forgotten) people with stories of folks who tell me about their grandparents and family folklore. Click here to visit: Brown Bag Letter

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Daily Prompts

Ahhh, the joys of different time zones

Thinking ONLY about yourself: the world is small and limited.

Thinking about others: the world in infinite.

When life situations occur, whether it be a season of sadness, change and life devastation. Or a quick moment of, “Oh no! What will I do now?”. If our response is, me, me, me. It leads to a place of not seeing anything but overwhelming smallness. However, looking to “the other” leads to a path of hope.

While texting a new friend early this morning, she said, “I’m off to bed!” And here I was with my cup of coffee, waking up. In an instant global world, I have to constantly think of time zones. Family in England, Friends and family East & West. Former students in China and India . . . what time is it for someone else?

Aren’t we in a different time zone, even with the person next to us? We enter each day with different perspectives, different backgrounds, moods, health, etc. Generally, it is very natural to respond to that truth. However, if we are too busy looking at “me”, we miss so much opportunity, even in the closest of relationships!

collaboration-community-cooperation-461049Challenge for the day, do “something” for the other. Even if they don’t realize what you’ve done, you have the benefit of knowing the kindness. It makes your world much larger, brighter, and yes, positive place.  It may be a word, an action —small or large, have some fun! I’d love to hear what you decide to do!

Enjoying the Adventure! 

Dr. Dink


This post was inspired by the daily prompt: narcisist

Photo: Pexel.com

Please visit my (very new!) other Blog:  Brown Bag Letter

I encourage you to visit other bloggers at the following sites. You’ll find almost everything imaginable that can be written, in every form, from all over the world!

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Daily Prompt


My Love

img_20180412_172510463_burst001828445920.jpgThis man is a freak. Honestly, that is my word for “most wonderful man in the world.” He’s a guy’s guy kind of a guy. He can fix anything, he loves soccer with a passion, he will drop any “important project” that he’s working on if one of his kids call, or if I ask for some stupid thing that really can wait.

He fixes inside, outside, upside down (especially working on the truck or yucky plumbing). I’ve watched him persevere in the craziest of situations. My favorite was three days of “snaking the drain line” on a house we were working on. Oh my –it was rude to say the least and three days!!!  Did I say, 3?

With all this down to earth stuff of life, he also writes computer program. I mean really, a full description is quite complicated! I’m thrilled to say that this freak of a man is my husband.

Oh, I almost forgot . . . he talks funny too.  We have a small city near us named Altoona. He constantly calls it “AltooNER”.  He also pronounces, PAAArC, for what we normal people here in the US of A say, “Park”. When we were first dating that accent slayed me! I wanted him to read fairy tales to me . . .

img_20180519_060227930532885991.jpgSo imagine this morning, I’m currently in a different time zone & he calls, “Are you watching the wedding?”  It was 5:30am! So I got up and turned on the television while listening to him telling me about the beauty that was before me. I hear him saying, “I’ve been there.” (And I bet this man’s man kind of a man had a few little tears brewing in his English born eyes).

img_20180412_145612401305200189.jpgRoots are powerful. Here in Arizona, our second home-to-be, I’ve been hearing the doves calling out, “who, who, who” and it is strange how it brings me back to my childhood where I heard their call as a little girl. While here, three time zones and 5 decades later, there have been a few moments when I’ve had my eyes closed and I hear those doves and actually see my childhood home, feel the humidity-filled-Southern-New-Jersey air, and smile.

I’m happy that my love woke me up this morning. I’m so grateful that he got to remember his roots through this awe-inspiring event of love. Best part is, I know that I’m loved by this Brit each & every day.

Today, with all the terrible things going on in the world, it is good to have a break from the chaos and celebrate love. What memories do you cherish? What memories are you building? I’d love to hear your responses to these questions! As the day continues, I’m going to go play with that grandbaby before I fly back to my prince!img_20180412_1053396151562422611.jpg

Oh yes, I’m 

Enjoying the Adventure!


(a.k.a. Dr. Dink)


P.S. As for the Royals, I hope they are as blessed as me!


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Too Early?

Is it premature to say that TODAY IS GOING TO BE AWESOME? I think not . . .

I mean really, a cup of coffee, a banana and a phrase to set the day right. What a great way to start. So, now it’s your turn:

Today is going to be __________________?

Enjoying the Adventure, (secretly looking for tomorrow’s start-up word)

Dr. Dink


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Daily Prompt


Greater than Source


My Dear Friends,

As a shadow lengthens in the sun,

attitudes infect those around you.

hang out with people

who smile and laugh A LOT!

Enjoying the Adventure, (A wee bit taller today)

Dr. Dink

Daily Prompt


Attention to Detail (or not)

How do I say it other that, “What a shitty job!” The lines are everywhere, well at least every 4 x 8 foot section. Yes, I’m talking about

drywall on the ceiling. I’ve gotten pretty good at drywall & other home improvements because we have always lived in older homes and in the past few years we’ve been flipping old houses. I’m staying in a suburban home, a quite pricey suburban home, it is truly lovely. Yet attention to detail that would have cost the contracting company a little more cash and time was neglected. Obviously each section of drywall has not been filled and sanded in this room. THEN, to make matters worse, they tried to hide it with a thin textured paint. This means fixing it would cause the issue to be worse because you would never be able to match the texture, unless, of course you put A REALLY THICK TEXTURE, or redid the ENTIRE ceiling!

OK, there’s my rant for the day. What’s the positive in this?

  • Most people might not notice or realize what it “should look like” which is smooth as glass. (I just have a trained eye because I’m an artsy, crafty particular craftsman type of gal).
  • It could be throughout the whole house (It isn’t, trust me I checked!)
  • Things could be much worse. (Really, they could —have you bought that house?)
  • When you write a blog bitching about a poor drywall job and then you think, did that volcano blow in Hawaii last night? Did that fissure grow? Did a new one open up? (Makes you appreciate that the poorly done drywall will still be there tomorrow, probably for years and decades to come).
  • As a crafts-person, it reminds me once again that details matter in my own work.

I guess the take away with this is that lines matter, but measure each line carefully. Truly, in life, lines have to be drawn of various sorts, some are thin, others very thick. My guess is, like me, sometimes we all make a big deal about thin lines that do not necessarily deserve the attention that they get.  So . . . I suppose that a good question for us all today would be, “What attention does this issue really bothering me really deserve?”

Enjoying the Adventure, (I’ll just not look up in this room anymore).

Dr. Dink


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